September 21, 2012

DT Friday Freakout: BPA Again Edition

Just in time for what looks to be a gorgeous weekend here on the East Coast, the Daddy Types Friday Freakout: a week's worth of wtf headlines from the worlds of health, politics, education and parenting, all rolled up into one post, just in time to ruin your weekend:

  • BPA makes your kid fat. Especially the BPA in all the packaged, processed food you're giving him. Bostonherald via dt freakout correspondent sara]

  • Genetically modified corn gives you cancer. Especially the Monsanto Roundup corn. And the Roundup. [sustainablefoodtrust]

  • Well, it does if you're twenty tumor-prone rats, anyway. []

  • Rice an everthinisinnit has a bunch of arsenic. [wired]

  • Two million Summer Infant bather chairs have been recalled because falling apart and dropping babies on their heads skull fractures. [cpsc]

  • 4,700 Bluestem Range Rider ride-on jeeps have been recalled because battery melting plastic catching fire. [cpsc]

  • "There was a line that said, 'Elimination Communication - not just for African bush women!'" [thehairpin, more of this awesomeness to come, obviously]

  • Oh, alright, here's another one: "But with all of these issues, it's always going to be painted as 'mommy wars' so long as it's women debating things."

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