March 30, 2012

DT Friday Freakout: ASD BPA CPSC Edition

A collection of--let's face it, a couple of--headlines from the worlds of health, science, and parenting designed to ruin your weekend, it's the DT Friday Freakout:

  • "New Study Finds Skyrocketing Increase in Autism" could really be from any week now, couldn't it? [ via dt reader dt, the actual study, a CDC review of 2008 ASD diagnosis data]

  • The FDA won't ban BPA in canned food, because science shows humans are so super-attuned to disabling the chemical's toxic effects when it enters our bloodstreams. [npr]

  • The CPSC has recalled almost a million Safety 1st Push 'n Snap safety locks, because they totally don't work. Like, 200+ reported cases worth of not working. No hurry, we'll just be drinking Drano down here while you get around to fixing things, Dorel. [cpsc]

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