July 13, 2012

It's My Desk In A Box, Or CBS-Era Creative Playthings' Most Depressing Toy


At what point in the development of the Creative Playthings L'il Boss Desk In A Case do you think it occurred to folks that this would be the toy most likely to destroy the sweet, little dreams of their intended customers?

From the giant building blocks to minimalist, even abstract toys that introduced the idea of open-ended, imagination-spurring play to generations of kids, to a plastic briefcase that let's you do exactly what daddy does all day: type reports, talk on the phone, stare out the window at the loading dock, and spin the calendar waiting for Friday.

Waitaminnit, switchboards and typewriters? Is this the L'il Boss or the L'il Secretary? This may be an important artifact from the early feminist work revolution, where gender coding for tasks, if not jobs, started to break down. Which would be part of the inspiration for this site's name and logo. A true eBay treasure, don't let it get away.

Vintage Creative Playthings LI'L BOSS DESK IN A CASE, $24.99+10.68 s/h, auction ends Jul 15 [ebay]

1 Comment

Was wondering if you had another one. I would love to purchase it, it was a childhood toy my grandmother bought me. Please contact me.
Thank you' Jennifer Mamone

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