May 29, 2012

Moep With A Rope: Ply Nanny Rocker/Cradle By DvanDirk


They have advanced CNC skillz in Holland, and they like to show them off. Or as designer Dirk Ploos van Amstel puts it, "This work is about demystification. The most striking of this designs is that the most important mechanisms and constructions of the products are made visible. All products are made according to this white box-approach."

One of these products is Moep, a rocking chair/cradle combo sometimes called a "nanny rocker," made out of slot-together ply. When the kid outgrows the cradle, and you don't want to fill it with magazines and catalogues, it comes off, leaving a rocker with just a slim magazine pocket. No mystery there.


And the demystification continues in this photo, which shows the tensioner underneath that holds the whole thing together. Once the kid starts crawling, you'll want to keep him away from that pin, hmm?

D van Dirk - Furniture design by Dirk Poos van Amstel [ via gizmodo, thanks dt reade rrolf]
Buy a Moep rocking cradle, € 1.290,00 to order at Olijk en Vrolijk, a kidshop in Harmelen, west of Utrecht []
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Nanny Rockers not just in wicker anymore, before


Reminds me of the Jäll & Tofta reversible cradle/rocker/crib that is atually in production since late 2011:

Can't find anything on about that German masterpiece, have you missed it?

It seems they are a bit shy about the price, it comes with cushions for the rocker and a top piece for the crib for € 1.700 - mattresses not included. Comes in white/nature, white/white, white/grey stained with yellow, red, green, blue or grey cushions.

Btw: if you switch the endboards, you can rock the crib too.

Hi there Sven,

How did you get the pricing of 1.700,- ? I am really curious!

That's not the right price. The price (depends on the model/material) is between 700,- and 1000,-.

Btw. This model was made somewhere in 2009.

best regards,


Hey Dirk,

I think Sven is talking about the price of the jäll & tofta Rocky rocking chair/ cradle/crib combo, which the company's website lists as 999 to 1700.

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