February 13, 2007

Whatever Happened To Rosemary's Berceuse?


When the definitive history of wicker rocking chair/cradle combos is written, it looks like the incep date'll need to be pushed back a decade or so.

Artist/designers [1] Elisabetta Gonzo and Alessandro Vicari created Rosemary's Berceuse, a combination rocking chair/cradle, in 1990. And according to the checklist [pdf] of the Vitra Museum's "Kid Size" exhibition, it was apparently produced by Roberti Rattan in Milan and sold through the Galleria Luisa delle Piane at least through 1995. One Italian-loving outfit in Kyoto still has the thing on their website, even.

[1] Anyone who also makes a cradle out of ballpoint pens is classified as an artist in my book.

Previously: Re-Tire + Re-Babe = Re-Set, rocker/cradle combo

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