May 18, 2012

DTQ: Is There A Potty Training Season? If So, Is It Summer?

tinkle_targets.jpgSo I got this product pitch yesterday:

Hi Greg,

Summer is around the corner and so begins the season for potty training! More than any other time of year, parents tackle potty training during the summer months- when kids are out of school. I thought you might be interested in these great mom-invented tools to help parents through the tedious process.

And just as I deleted it, I'm like, wha huh? "the season for potty training"?

And so I pulled it back out of the trash, and scratched my head. Because, "when kids are out of school"?

Don't they have to be toilet trained before going to school? Or don't they kind of work on it at school? I know we freaked about getting kids toilet trained before starting their 2.5yo preschool class, and the teachers were all, Oh, don't stress them out, we'll work on it with you.

So yes, I guess that was summer. Before they go to school.

Anyway, go buy some Tinkle Targets, invented by a mom to teach boys how to aim, which, wow, if there ever were a product category calling out for a dad-invented solution...


Yeah, I have one: It's called sitting down, which is what children (and most adult men, too) in the rest of the world do. Case closed.

case closed, can o' worms open!

Best solution I ever heard of? A single Cheerio. Toss it in the john, and bam! instant target practice. A lot more interactive than those paper thingies look, too. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of market for single Cheerios...

LOVE the single Cheerio idea! And as it happens it's potty training season here starting this week!

I second this. Why complicate mattress even more?

Ah crap, foiled by autocorrect yet again!

Apparently already a canoworms at Dadcentric last fall.

[indeed, an evergreen topic. -ed.]


I didn't learn to sit down to pee when I was a kid...I learned it when I had a daughter. So, add me to that study, dt. I wrote a comic about it here.

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