May 15, 2012

Parenting Without A Neto


In New York over the weekend, I went to my friend Tanya Bonakdar's gallery to see my buddy Ernesto Neto's awesome-looking, new, climbable sculptures, and my buddy Ethan, almost literally the first thing out of his mouth when I walk in, is "Dude, you gotta put this on your daddyblog or whatever: NO KIDS. THEY'RE KILLING US."

Apparently, Time Out or Time Out Kids or someone blasted out what an awesome playground Neto's woven rope installation would be, except that it's not, because this one is ages 12 and up, because the little kids can't handle it. So no, it would NOT be an awesome playground, it would be a huge buzzkill.

Ernesto Neto: Slow Iis Good, runs through May 25 []
Previously, and totally coincidental, not at all related: awesome Ernesto Neto playground-like sculptural installations from 2009 and 2006


or the awesome crocheted things that really are playgrounds.

Suddenly my Chinese shoes feel all cold and wet.

I have been playing the role of Clark Griswold on a number of recent attempts to have cool experiences with the kids so we'd be pretty prepared for this.

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