May 11, 2012

Woohoo, Wary Meyers Kids Shop Is AMAZING


The kids vintage world has definitely changed since the day when, as an idealistic new dad, I walked into Allan & Suzi on the UWS, asked if they had or knew of any kids clothes, and was told, "There isn't any! It's all shit that didn't last, and no one wants it anyway!"

Well, now the Wary Meyers Kids Shop is open, and it's safe to say that kids vintage has grown up. Kid clothes from the 60s-80s, both used and NOS, toys, books, some furniture, a few of their own tweaks and designs, it's just crazy, the awesomeness they have in there.

I could post it all, but it's better to let you discover it yourself. A couple of standouts, though: the "Dennis Hopper-y" leather fringe jacket up top, [$75], rocks. If I thought K2 could pull it off, I'd already have snapped it up.


It's weird to freak out over baby shoes, but seriously, you can mark the beginning of the end of Gerber to the exact moment they stopped making stuff like these rainbow wedge toddler flip-flops.


Or these amazingly simple, no-nonsense, Made in USA canvas sneakers. Kids sneakers are an over-designed, tricked out, LED-encrusted wasteland these days. Why can't we return to 1988? Now for just $20, you can. Wary Meyes have a whole array of dead-awesome, deadstock kid & toddler shoes, a thousand points of sneaker light.

Wary Meyers Kids Shop is freakin' awesome

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