April 27, 2012

DT Friday Freakout: Class Edition

The Friday Freakout, a compendium of parenting headlines delivered all at once instead of dribbled out daily, to ruin just your weekend, a Daddy Types exclusive:

  • During the Obama administration, the food and beverage industry has doubled the amount of money it spends on lobbying--$175 million--to block regulations over children's nutrition and marketing. And that, Sophie, is why pizza is a vegetable. [long, depressing investigative report by reuters]

  • Nutella has settled a class-action lawsuit and will pay $2.5 million to consumers willing to claim they believed the ads implying was a healthy breakfast staple. $4/jar, up to 5 jars. [globeandmail via @zerohedge]

  • Moody toddlers are 2x more likely to become compulsive gamblers than other types of short, non-Hobbit New Zealanders. [livescience via dt sr freakout correspondent sara]

  • You will break your kids leg if you ride down the slide with them. [nyt via sara, to whose kid this actually happened, so]

  • A new study finds that women who breastfeed for 6 months or longer end up earning less than women who breastfeed for a shorter period or use formula. [livescience]

  • Actually, what that study found was that women who breastfeed for 6months plus work less, and have higher household income than non-breastfeeders.

  • "All signs kind of point to this idea that this intensive mothering [sic] is only something that women who can afford to are able to do," [UIowa researcher Prof. Mary] Noonan said, in the 15th paragraph.

  • The longitudinal study is based on analysis of 1,300 women who had their first child between 1980 and 1993.

  • Which used to be known as the Reagan-Bush era.

  • But which is now commonly discussed on cable news as the period in which Ann Romney stayed home to raise her kids.

  • Some of whom I've known or met.

  • I really meant to sit this whole working mom non-war thing out, I swear.

  • Then @baratunde tweeted this quote: "So there it is: the difference between a stay-home mother and a welfare mother is money and a wedding ring." [thenation]

  • Family friend and founding Babble editor Ada Calhoun has a thoroughly depressing story on fetal personhood laws and the "criminalization of bad mothers" in this weekend's NYT Magazine. [nyt]

  • And on a lighter note, Target has recalled 264,000 bunny-shaped sippy cups because those ears have poked at least six kids in the eye during normal use. [cspc]


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