March 25, 2012

The Four Sponsors Of The Apocalypse: Gender Reveal Twitter Party #pinkorblue


The details: the Twitter party will be on Sunday, March 25, 2012 from 8-9pm ET. Follow the hashtag #pinkorblue to win prizes, talk babies, gender reveal, registries and more. Follow me @CharChronicles, @MBeans and @TheBabyGuyNYC in order to be eligible for the giveaways! Of course, I'll be posting lots of pre-gender reveal party blog posts where there will be even more opportunities to win goodies and get excited for the awesomeness so like my page on Facebook to stay on top of all the action! Including an opportunity to win a $100 prize by making gender guess on my post here!

Alright, now about that gender reveal twitter party. DT reader Micaela sent along the link over the weekend, but we were camping on St. John with spotty web access, and the blogging app wasn't working right. So it felt like watching from a window as an out-of-control cultural truck was barreling toward a playgroup. There was nothing I could do but scream my powerless scream at the impending disaster--an even then, it only ended up stuck in my drafts folder.

But momblogger Charlene @charchronicles and @thebabyguynyc did it. They mobilized eleven sponsors for a Twitter party which coincided with a live gender reveal party somewhere that involved sponsored cupcakes with [as it turned out] pink frosting filling. And apparently, 1,400 people joined in on twitter, generating "2 million impressions," which means whatever you'd like it to mean, I'm sure.

One of the foundational principles of Daddy Types is not to judge or criticize the choices of individual parents, unless they're obvious idiots, obviously. And Charlene seems delightful and conscientious and excited for her second kid, which is apparently a girl, so mazeltov all around. And. Fine.

So let me instead just call bullshit on the entire and multifarious phenomena of gender reveal parties; twitter parties; sponsored life events; life events staged for media broadcast and consumption; the pink and blue hegemony; and you know what, I'm on a roll so, and cupcakes. And cake pops. Especially cake pops. I really should have started the list with cake pops.


I mean, seriously, people, this is what we are. What we are becoming. And we can't blame the Duggars for it, either, or Bravo, or TLC. We are doing to ourselves.

Gender Reveal Twitter Party [charlenechronicles]
Baby Gender Reveal Post-Party [charlenechronicles]
12 Gender Reveal Baby Shower Cupcake Cake Pops Favors, $22 [AutumnLynnsSins' etsy]

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