March 17, 2012 Nothing To See Here, Move Along


Just when you think that nothing's happening this week on the Maclaren bankruptcy and PR smokescreen front, the company's global website,, goes down for two days and counting.

As [so far] only Daddy Types has reported,, is still owned by Maclaren USA, Inc., the bankrupt "third party" "distributor" which has supposedly been defunct for a year, and which had nothing to do with Maclaren Rest Of World, no sir.

The subdomain set up to register for the recall repair kit is still up, though.

This kind of MySQL error is usually associated with a database configuration or uptime problem, not the deep-sixing of an entire site. So maybe they're installing some fresh, new happy happy Maclaren website, or they're just doing maintenance--that involves the scrubbing of large portions of the site's content. I guess we'll see, or not.

"Unable to connect to the database: Could not connect to MySQL" [thanks to the several dt readers who've sent this in yesterday and today]

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the dealer website is still up and running.

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