March 14, 2012, Because You Waana Kid To Have Awesome Vintage

Waanaki means 'to live undisturbed, to live in peace' in Ojibwemowin, the Algonquian language family dialect of the Ojibwe people, who call themselves Anishinaabe, and their language Anishinaabemowin. Except for the Ojibwe who moved from the Great Lakes and Eastern part of North America to the Canadian prairie provinces; they call themselves Nakawē(-k), and their dialect is thus Nakawēmowin. And the Ojibwe around the Mississippi River Basin were called the Mississisauga, while other nations with distinctive Anishinaabemowin-related languages such as Algonquin, Nipissing, Oji-Cree, Odawa and Potawatomi fill out the language family tree. Ojibwemowin's the 2nd most commonly spoken First Nations language in Canada, and the 4th most common in the US, after Navajo, Inuit, and Cree. Mocassin and wigwam are both Ojibwe words you might know.


None of which really helps explain why Nanette picked Waanaki for the name of her incredible-looking, online vintage clothing shop for kids 0-6yo, except maybe that was taken? Whatever, I totally waana this stuff; these striped pants from the 70s are off-da-hook, people. Buster Brown, why have you let us down? You were so awesome once. And now again.


With this sweet jacket, your kid will send the other little Polo rats slinking back into the house in shame, what with their embarrassingly large embroidered polo pony logos and all. [Seriously, the giant Lacoste alligators, too. It really has to stop, before I see a 6"-high Stafford Collection stallion on some 24"-tall kid's shirt.]


The girls' stuff is, well, it's adorable, but also somehow slightly problematic? Not the right word. Just stick a pair of jeans under the many pinafores to bring your mini-Cindy Brady's look into the 21st century. But there are also awesome coats and shirts. Also, they have deadstock shoes and Birdwells. Do shop in peace., a shop for children [ via southwillard]
Ojibwe Language ("boogide = he/she has flatulence...doodooshaaboo = milk...doodoosh = breast") [wikipedia]


I just died and went to Oh my nose! Thank you for this. Thank you.

This are terrible colours

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