March 2, 2012

Traction: Maclaren Bankruptcy Story Hits NYT, WSJ

Well, that's a relief, to know that the Maclaren USA bankruptcy filing story is as unexpected, confusing, and confounding as I'd thought.

The Wall Street Journal's Bankruptcy Beat blog has a post about Maclaren tonight, which is nice.

And in his article for the New York Times Dealbook, Peter Lattman moves the story forward, or at least stirs the pot some more:

First off, Lattman reports that Bahman Kia told him he is "no longer affiliated with" Maclaren, which, what?

He also quotes an attorney for the bankruptcy trustee saying that Maclaren's filing "has raised some red flags," which, exactly!

Lattman also got quotes from one of the amputation victims' parents and attorney, from David Netto--and from me. To which I say, nice hustle. Carry on.

UPDATE Just posted to Netto's twitter:

Trying, failing to think of a Cee Lo lyric that'd be fit to print.

US Unit of Maclaren, a Stroller Maker, Is in Bankruptcy []
Maclaren's US Unit's bankruptcy flies under radar [wsj]


Great job spotting this so early.

Maclaren make horrible looking baby-strollers. They all look like they've been designed by the creator of the bat-mobile. (at least what i've seen on the Romanian market).

I bet, that the first words of the babies that have a Maclaren baby-stroller are: "I am Batman!". :)

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