February 23, 2012

The Deam Guide To Airstream Living

You may remember Christopher Deam from such blog posts as "guy who created plexi-walled cribs for his twins" and "molded ply guy whose wife started Dwell."

Anyway, he also has been doing Airstream trailer renovations, which look awesome, perfect for the modern road. From his NYT Q&A:

Did you take any trips with your family?

Yeah, the last trip we took, the kids were like 6 months old. It was a disaster. They were sick and crying the entire time, and we discovered those curves on the inside of the trailer perfectly magnified baby screams. We went down to a campground on the coast, called Costanoa, on a planned three-day trip, and we made it a day and a half.

Uh, yeah, the kids are nine now, so. I'm sure the mood boards looked fantastic.

Christopher Deam: A New, Sleek Airstream Trailer [nyt]

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