February 20, 2012

Not The Elimination Communication We Were Expecting

frozen_food_month.jpgWhen we first heard from blogger John Biggs, he had just had his first kid, and was Daddy Types' first guest blogger. He posted a bit, then mentioned something about writing about his experience with elimination communication--and then life intervened, blog posts piled up at home, etc. etc. etc.

Now he's a techno-uber-blogger, with three kids--including one surprise--and he's written a guest post for Boing Boing--about his recent vasectomy. It's surprisingly reflective, in that whole, meaning of life and existence kind of way.

And it's all the tug it takes to let loose a flood of vasectomy stories from the BB commenters. My favorite:

relawson Collapse
Welcome to the club!!! :)

I wish I had a video of my interpretation of the newly formed swimmers realizing they had nowhere to go. I assure you it was worthy of an Oscar.

Oh, and frozen peas was the best, I found. at least 3 packs in rotation!

Poor sperm. So sad. Anyway, now you know a bit more about someone else's testicles. Service-y!

The Big V [boingboing]


and when a friend has a vasectomy you might want to decline the first few invitations to come over for chicken pot pie or casserole.

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