February 7, 2012

'Like The Kill Shot In A Korean Movie'

Basically, I'll follow Tom Scocca wherever and whatever he writes, so if he's going to do a no-holds barred account of the deeply weird moments of the childbirth process as part of Deadspin's Blood Week, I'm there.

He says the blood squirts out of the umbilical cord, I say how high?

Blood hit the wall. We were down at the foot of the bed, and the blood hit the wall above the headboard, like the kill shot in a Korean movie. Six, seven feet, easily, clearing my wife where she lay.
Okay, then!

FWIW, I didn't cut the cord, either. If you're really into it, I mean, sure, why not, but also, why? How did that start?

Blood Week | Childbirth Is A Precious Rite Of Passage, If You Enjoy Agony, Terror, And Flying Jets Of Blood [deadspin]


I cut the cord. No squirting. No blood on the wall. But lot's of blood that ran into a bucket on the floor.

I think I might have. There are some images engraved in my memory from childbirth, but that isn't one. It sounds right, though. The haze is moving in, I guess.

Obstetrics is very slow to follow their own research, which says that the blood in the cord should go into the baby and the cord should be cut only after that point.

I though we were supposed to be saving and donating cord blood for the yummy stem cells inside.

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