January 24, 2012

Mr. Caitlin Flanagan Is Barbie's Executive Producer And All That Entails

barbie_nutcracker_hudnut.jpgHAHA, all this time everyone's been getting all worked up about Caitlin Flanagan and her pretend-housewifery, and her imaginary teen oral sex epidemic fearmongering, and have been ignoring the real menace II society: her husband, Rob Hudnut.

Hudnut turns out to not just be an executive at Mattel, but the executive producer, the big brain, actually even the lyricist, behind the Barbie DVD series. A decade and 100 million DVDs later, The Awl is only making this vital connection now??

Maria: Here is a quote from Variety:

"We are great believers in the power of little girls," says Rob Hudnut, Mattel executive producer. "We believe they deserve the best entertainment that we can give them. [...]

Illustrating the painstaking nature of the production, Hudnut recalls, "It was the job for six months of one 'Nutcracker' animator to keep Barbie's dress from going over her head. The company has made a serious financial investment in ensuring these movies are the quality that girls deserve."

David: That actually arrives unpacked, doesn't it.

Maria: Barbie's skirt, stubbornly floating over her head! Both Hudnuts trying frantically to keep the damn thing down.

The Battle For Planet Flanagan [theawl]

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