January 19, 2012

Beauty, Mate! Now Get Lost! Greg Wiggle Is Back, Other Yellow Wiggle Is Toast

Oh, man, I seriously haven't given two synapses worth of attention to The Wiggles in years until just a few minutes ago, when I was reminded of them by the four blockhead toy dudes in that Antonio Vitali car.

And lo and behold, it turns out Greg, the original Yellow Wiggle, has apparently just announced he's coming back after his illness-induced, five-year hiatus. And they made the announcement by totally sacking that other dude who took over for the Yellow Wiggle and kept the money-minting franchise going since 2006.

And then Anthony, the Blue Wiggle, puts his asshole hat on, and explains the sudden dumping to Melbourne's Herald Sun this way:

"I don't want to speak for the guy ... I don't know how he feels."

"What Sam does now is Sam's thing. His contract has come to an end.

Sam was just doing a job. He was a hired hand ... I haven't spoken to him."

Yeah, capitalism and all, but sheesh, what a tool. Also, apparently, the guy's name was Sam.

Ex-Wiggle Sam Moran Thrown Under Big Red Car [heraldsun.com.au]
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