January 16, 2012

Laser-Cut Steel Dollhouse By Bunker Hill


Though he's mostly into Swedish pine and plywood lately, in the mid-to-late 2000's, Stockholm architect Daniel Franzen definitely had a laser-cut steel phase. One result is this awesome steel dollhouse inspired by the barn house he designed for Swedish house manufacturer Arvesund.


It's an edition of 100, and comes with magnet paper wallpaper, as well as digital templates for printing more. I wonder if you could use dry erase markers on it? Would that be cool, or a crumby, dusty disaster waiting to happen?

Laser-Cut Steel Dollhouse by Bunker Hill, ed. 100, EUR100 [bunkerhill.se via stork bites man]
"A doll's house made of sprayed tin, with its shape taken from Daniel Franzén's barn house." [arvesund.com]

Previous steel toy awesomeness, 2007: ArcheToys cars and such made from welded steel beams by Floris Hovers

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