January 2, 2012

Awesome National Geographic Story About Twins Studies

If you have or are having twins, you probably already know about it, but Peter Miller's National Geographic article on twins studies is pretty fascinating for anyone with DNA:

"What I like to say is that Mother Nature writes some things in pencil and some things in pen." [twins researcher Danielle Reed]
There's science, autism spectrum disorder, epigenetics, the rare case in Canada where two families are raising two adopted Chinese twins separately, ZZ Top-lookin' trucker twins fooling the FBI's facial recognition software, you name it. And that's all before you get to the pictures.

A Thing or Two About Twins [nationalgeographic via @jadabumrad]

1 Comment

That is a fantastic article. I find the business about similarities between 'Jim and Jim' particularly crazy.

If I'm dating a non-identical twin, am I excused from such craziness?

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