December 29, 2011

BREAKING: Other Half The Population Also Buys Groceries

Maybe it's the MBA geek in me, but man, I love it when industry consultants talk shop, like in this Chicago Tribune article about supermarkets and consumer product conglomerates finally noticing that men do half the grocery shopping:

"The mindset has been that she shops, she really knows every inch of the store, she is really organized, has a list, is in a huge hurry," Calpino said. "We talk to a lot of these millennial guys about shopping, and the biggest headline is they're not as structured, not as hurried, much more experimental, more adventurous."


Hahn-Griffiths said men are less likely to ask for help finding an item but more likely to make a second sweep through the store, in case they've missed something.

"It's part of the hunter mindset," he said. "When you're a hunter, you're more likely to move from place to place and recircle areas you might have missed."

Of course,that'd make Proctor & Gamble's idea of consolidating all their men's cosmetics into "man aisles" the "hunter mindset" equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel. Maybe if their entire marketing and store design strategy hadn't been entirely oriented towards women in the first place, they wouldn't need to cobble together millennial-safe manshops.

Here's a protip for you marketers out there: you let me know which grocery store is running the Diet Coke 2L/$1 promotion each week, and I will impulse shop there. BOOM. DONE.

More men taking the reins of the cart [chicagotribune via jjdaddy-o, who hates man aisles on principle]


I do all the grocery shopping. It's a weekly adventure with my son while my wife sleeps in. We learn colours and numbers and spend 90 quality minutes alone to bond. I love it.

I hate that the grocery store doesn't appreciate me. We're not all neanderthals, dammit.

Could someone tell me how the grocery store is designed for women? Because I'm a woman, and I hate the grocery store. My husband, one of those men their talking about, loves to go to the grocery store.

How 'bout: "Kids like Kix for what they have got.
Moms like Kix for what they have not." -- slogan of General Mills, touting their low-sugar Kix breakfast cereal. "Kid tested; Mother approved." Slogan of General Mills. But Dads also buy cereal! Sigh.

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