December 6, 2011

Where In The World Is The Carmen Sandiego Generation?

warriors_dj_thigpen.jpgIs it too early to see what happened to the overeager, overachieving yuppie children of the 90s, who were raised on Carmen Sandiego? They dorked out, cheated a little, really showed that private school jerk from Manhattan, and went on to achieve their dreams of becoming standup comedians. Where they earn their livings teling stories about being on Carmen Sandiego to close the epistemological loop. This is exactly what the children of parentbloggers are gonna end up doing, too, only on a much more granular, niche scale. Mark my words, the tables will turn one day, and we will be their fodder instead.

Meanwhile, hey-ho, did you know that Lynne Thigpen, who played The Chief Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? was also the mysterious, all-knowing DJ lips in The Warriors?

Do it Rockapella! The Epic Tale of 'Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?' by Gregg Gethard [comicvsaudience]


I DID know that about Lynne Thigpen, thank you very much. I had a big thing for her for years, her early death was tragic.

Hey Boppers: I only caught my cousins watching Carmen Sandiego a couple times but enough to recognize Thigpen's voice an lips from The Warriors.

I completely forgot about the hit tv series Carmen SanDiego. haha This may have been some sort of defense mechanism.)

Do you know if the reruns are still available anywhere?

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