November 23, 2011

The Hyphens Are Multiplying

Some baby boomers gave their kids hyphenated names, and now those kids are having kids of their own! How are they managing the naming, the New York Times wonders?

Not to worry, because everyone but their self-absorbed/actualized parents has been asking them what they were going to do about kids every time they showed ID or signed a credit card receipt. And so they worked out every possible solution well in advance.

Meanwhile, in the present, some people use both parents' names without hyphens. That's what we do, only we call them middle names, and we just pack'em all in there.

Children of the Hyphens, the Next Generation [nyt]

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Some friends of ours, rather than hyphenate, took the first syllable of Dad's name and added the first syllable of Mom's name, to create a new last name for their children.
Other friends of ours both took their hyphenated last names when they got married (e.g., they both became the Smith-Jones) as did their resulting children.
Eh, whatever.

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