November 22, 2011

The Boomer Over-Parenting Paradigm Is Failing Before Our Eyes

I was really not too motivated to read the NY Times' report on analysts being demoralized after getting laid off from investment banks--haven't these people ever heard of going to business school? But then Choire Sicha reminded me why I should care:

These are the very kids who were the children of the subjects of New York magazine parenting articles: we cared about them when we worried they were probably autistic, and then when their young parents were striving to get them into the best preschools, and then again when the kids spent the next sixteen years trying to beat each other on the SATs and the GPAs and the extracurriculars, so why shouldn't we care about them now that they've entered a workforce where they regularly get kicked to the curb because some dickface in management has to sack a quota of analysts to make his now-regular layoff goal?
Oh, man, I really hope Choire writes a parenting advice book someday.

Wall Street Layoffs Take Heavy Toll On Younger Workers [nyt]
Disposable Teens [the awl]

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