November 17, 2011

The New Ford Escape Is A C-Max Allroad


Put a lift kit and some fender flares on a C-Max--and take out the sixth and seventh seat--and you have the 2013 Ford Escape. As DT senior minivan correspondent JJ Daddy-o says, "Well played, Ford. Well played." Except for the third row, of course. Oy. 2013 Ford Escape coverage at the LA Autoshow [kicking tires]
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The new Escape looks like it is based on the regular C-Max, their wheelbases are almost the same (about 105 inches). The Grand C-Max is the one with the third row and that's about 5 inches longer.
The current Ford Escape is about 103 inches, so the new one is bigger, but not by much.
I am sure if you want a third row, Ford wants you to buy a Flex or Explorer.

The only question I have: will it be as ridiculously uncomfortable when outfitted as a NYC taxi as the current Escapes?

My least favorite yellow cab by far...

@micah No more Escape taxis for you!
Mayor-For-Life Bloomberg and the People's Taxi and Limousine Collective have decreed that all future taxis will be of the Nissan NV200 model.

The Escape is brutal as a taxi and I doubt this is any better. But that's what the Transit Connect is for. Only problem there is the advertisement pyramid look ridiculous atop an already high roof.

I would have like to see the C-Max in the US as well but those of use who complain that we don't get this car need to put our money where our mouths are. The departed Kia Rondo and current Mazda5 occupy this niche very well and neither sold in great volume.

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