November 12, 2011

Star Wars Nursery Mayhem


Frankly, if your kid is actually named Rocky III, I don't see how you could not give him a Mr. T-themed nursery, but Star Wars is an evergreen alternative.

Ohdeedoh has a nice tour of Rocky's Rebel Alliance setup, which includes--hey-o, seriously?-- vintage Star Wars crib sheets??


Yes and no. It's cut down from a twin-sized sheet, which has been reissued, and is available at Pottery Barn Kids, of all places. This is important work PBK's doing here; I have actually looked for these OG Star Wars sheets for the kid's bed, except, gross, who wants vintage kid's sheets? Pretty gnarly.

The other news here, obviously, the Wampa skin rug, which continues ThinkGeek's tradition of oddball-yet-awesome Empire Strikes Back licensed merchandise.


The gratuitous inclusion of Slave Leia is designed to drive nerds crazy with an inconsistency--she doesn't wear that outfit until Return of the Jedi-- they find themselves unable to protest. I hope there's a nightlight, so Rocky's parents don't trip over that head in the dark.

Rocky's Star Wars Nursery [ohdeedoh via dt reader eric]
Star Wars™ Sheeting, $69/twin set [potterybarnkids]
Star Wars Wampa Rug, $99.99 [thinkgeek]

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If you ever need to retire that Uma Thurman pic, I think I found a candidate for a new breastfeeding meme.

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