October 31, 2011

I Speak For The DVDs

Holy crap, who are the brain-wave-challenged vultures in charge of Dr. Seuss's movie adaptations business?

The only possibly good thing that can be said about The Lorax Movie is that it might be technically impossible that it's worse than Cat In The Hat and The Grinch

Upcoming Lorax Movie to insult all that is good, holy [grist.org via @LangeAlexandra]


what a mess. the Kid was reading The Lorax just this evening with tremendous interest. How is it even possible that this is allowed to be made? Is no one looking out for the truth of Geisel's work?

p.s. the comments in david roberts piece link to the international trailer, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qx0349ut1Xo which looks slightly better...

The problems with this are numerous but I'll focus on a pet peeve about something that shows up often in big budget animation. I hate it when animators let the physical characteristics of the voice talent drive the appearance of the characters and vice versa. I'm sure it's nowhere near the worst thing about this movie but it really bothers me that they have a short character voiced by Danny DeVito and then throw in s joke about his height. Animation should allow us to stretch reality. DeVito should get to play a character where the height is not a defining characteristic.

well said. I think the deVito casting is the strongest evidence of Hollywood's utter lack of imagination on this. That, and the incessant transformation of every travel sequence into a first-person video game.

But then, this is "from the team that brought you Despicable Me," so a certain (high) level of hackishness is to be expected.

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