October 21, 2011

DT Friday Freakout

Instead of following the publicists' plan to schedule science, health, and research-related news releases one a day, thereby freaking you out all week, Daddy Types saves them all until Friday, so you can freakout over them all at once. All weekend long:

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics is really serious about kids under 2yo not watching TV, you guys. [aap.org pdf via nyt, with best stock photo EVER, go right now and see]

  • The 5% prevalence of ASD in kids with birthweights under 2kg is 5x the frequency among the general population. [pediatrics/aap]

  • Sesame Street is partnering with [Teddy Ruxpin and animated paper clip developer] Microsoft to create "Interactive TV." This story is somehow not from 1996. [geekwire]

  • Some stained glass window-swabbing treehuggers are trying to shut down Disneyland just because it's all coated with lead. And saliva and boogers, but really it's the lead they're worked up about. [latimes]

  • And speaking of lead, maybe the CPSC's stronger lead testing regime doesn't have to destroy America's handmade/organic toy industry after all. There's a public hearing about small batch testing regulations and exemptions next week. [cpsc/webcast]

  • A focus group in Cleveland shows that poor baby daddies may support breastfeeding, if given a well-enough-funded study and community outreach program. [eurekalert]

  • SweetTarts get mistaken for Tums more than half the time, according to a study at some elementary school by a couple of seventh graders which was presented at the AAP? What? Why does anyone care if kids mistake candy for medicine? Isn't it more important how often they mistake medicine for candy? [eurekalert]

  • "Can breastfeeding reduce pain in preterm infants?" Uh, no, apparently not. [eurekalert]

  • In an op-ed published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, epidemiologists from Johns Hopkins made it very clear that they prefer circumcised penises. [eurekalert]

Bonus Twitter WTF:


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Ha, I was away all weekend so I didn't get freaked out until Monday! In your face, fear!

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