October 18, 2011

This Is Not Your Mother's Quinny


You know, I started watching Elizabeth the other night, and for a few minutes, I almost thought, "Real princess, big dresses, horses. Maybe I'll TiVo it and show the kids." [Of course, I changed my mind long before the throat-slitting, headsmashing, poison bodice, and Norfolking scenes, but anyway.]

But anyway, I also realized this 1998 film is the source of my longstanding bafflement over why a giant company would name itself Quinny. Because in this scene, Vincent Cassel's pervy Duc d'Anjou is not whispering to Cate Blanchett about strollers.

update: an unexpected but welcome side effect of this post: none of today's publicist emails start with the typical, "I love your blog, especially your post about [insert topic of whatever post is at top of front page]!"


And let's not forget that line in "There's A Wocket in My Pocket" bad enough with the title, but the line is:

There's a quimney in my chimney!

Quim, of course, being the few-hundred-years later variant of Quinny.

Looks like you're stuck with the Disney Princesses.
Maybe Playmobil will come out with a "Tower of London/ Wives of Henry VIII" playset, that would be cool.

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