October 9, 2011

A Report From The Occupy Wall Street Little People's Library

When the New Yorker's Alexia Nader first wrote about the library being created at Occupy Wall Street's protest headquarters at Zuccotti Park last week, it contained all of 100 titles, and "the only books that are sectioned off are the children's books."

Which, what's up with that, right? What titles--and for that matter, what kids--are involved in the protests, and what's going on?

Well, in the week I've been trying to either get downtown myself, or to find someone else to report on it, quite a lot, actually. Yesterday, artist/pal Man Bartlett stopped by what's now called the People's Library to see what kid titles they have, and what they might need?

Check it out, the library has grown tremendously. They're starting to scan in and catalogue and organize books. And there's a People's Library blog.


But Harry Potter scarves and ferocious tigers notwithstanding, the kid's section is still looking pretty rinky-dink.


This is pretty much it, one shopping basket with some crossword puzzles, a road activity book, 777 Great Clean Jokes.


And here's a young patron, snapped by Flickr user Syrek, with a couple of other books that look a bit beyond her reading level. Plus a box of Ferrigno-era Hulk bubble gum cards? Hmm.

Sylvie at OWSL

Things may be picking up. A red-stocking, ex-librarian grandma apparently headed to the Library today with some "children's chapter books and young adult novels." I'm waiting to hear back from the librarians what the need is, but a few solid, quality picture books for pre-readers sure couldn't hurt. And maybe some crayons and coloring/activity books. So why not walk or train or bike some over with me?

Occupy Wall Street Library [peopleslibrary.wordpress.com]
top three images, thanks to the awesome Man Bartlett
Previously, slightly related, but not too: The International Discourse Coloring Book, by Ian James

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