October 5, 2011

Handfelted Cute Overload: Amelia McIsaac Animal Masks At Kalon


A little while back at Ikea, we found a binful of cute cloth masks--we got a bee and a dog. I think they were like $3.99 or something.

And I've always said that the only way to compete with a low-cost, mass-produced, disposable global behemoth like Ikea is to go totally handmade, hand-felted, hand-dyed, made from your own hand-sheared sheep and hand-picked plants. And cute.

Yes, that's what I always say.

Five different limited edition animal masks by Amelia McIsaac, $36 each, at Kalon Studios [kalonstudios.com via publicists]


Looks great, I like it.

Funny, My wife made a pair of felt goggles for the little man today. Not quite as detailed as these ones though. The lad is pleased as punch with them.

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