September 16, 2011

It's Breathtaking, I Suggest You Try It


Technofetishistofuturistic, shiny, and somewhat ridiculously dread-inspiring, Jean Nouvel is the Mamas and Papas Urbo of architects. [Ha, didn't see that one coming didja?]

Which makes it kind of funny that he was DUMBO's Archduke of Gentrification, David Walentas's go-to guy when he and his wife Jane wanted a garage for their whimsical, schmancy, old merry-go-round.


Actually, what makes it really funny is seeing Nouvel and his long lost son Scott officemate riding the thing. They must've had a real big breakthrough in group. [See Billy Farrell's image full size at curbed.]


Actually, what really makes it really funny is the stroller parking. There could be an Urbo in there somewhere, who knows? [See Alexandra Lange's full-size stroller disaster pic.]

[top image: Janes' Carousel in BB Park, via]


Perfect headline!

Rode it today--twice. It's fabulous in every way, right down to the friendly staff and the "keepsake" ticket. Plus? No lines. (Shocking!)

My kids now think they live in the best neighborhood on the entire planet.

Stroller parking doesn't look too bad. Looks like they're all poised for a quick exit. Sure beats coming back to a tidy stroller parking area to find yours parked three deep. Anyway, love the impressionisty view of the bridge in the background through the plexi.

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