August 31, 2011

Kid Fills It, ABC News Shills It

How does this even become a news story? How does this exist? It is a giant landfill's worth of PR nonsense.

According to ABC News--NEWS, PEOPLE!--"Designer Diapers Big Hit With Moms".

What's the hook? What's the story? Patterned diapers exist? You know what'd really be news? White disposable diapers exist. That'd lead the evening on Yahoo, lemme tell ya. Also, it'll never happen.

Not when people are still talking about those embarrassing Huggies denim diapers, and Pampers' boring Cynthia Rowley diapers. WHICH ARE BOTH FROM 2010. And after making some hapless momdesignblogger walk down the Manhattan sidewalk without looking at the camera, and then deliver her line about how designer diapers are a great value for moms who might not be able to afford an entire baby outfit, and so diapers are the only thing those kids'll wear?


I'm sorry, but that's depressing as hell, and no Wal-Mart camo print is gonna change that fact. Who lets their kid run around a city in just a diaper? And what is that office scene? The new mom reporter's group dragged into Regis's office?--and stripped down to just their diapers? People who used to just take their kid out without socks, that's who. It's a slippery slope.

And one other thing, "Big Hit?" "Parenting Trend Brings Big Bucks"? [alright, Judge Ito, sidebar: "Big Bucks"??] So ABC NEWS [sic] says those denim Huggies were a hit because they sold 60 million diapers. But everyone knows those dogs lingered on the shelves, on sale, for months. And anyway, 60 million is approximately what percentage of the 18 billion diapers sold in the US each year? Oh right, one third of one percent.

But math is hard, let's go diaper shopping!

"Designer Diapers Big Hit With Moms" [abcnews via dt reader sara again, she is en fuego]


I'd love some plain white disposables, yo. Enough of this Mickey, Tigger, Cars marketing being shoved on my kids' but.

@Buzz: 7th Generation brand are plain beige (unbleached). Fairly cheap from Amazon. Although they don't make "swim diapers" that I can tell. So we're stuck with Nemo there.

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