August 22, 2011

Why Not... Wrap Your Old Digital Camera With Silicon Putty!

If there were a contest for a cute way to burn through a little $20 pack of Sugru moldabe, air-curing silicon putty, the bounce-proofed digital camera Stefan Stocker made for his 3-yo would surely have won it.

And if your kids aren't too bewildered by the idea of an electronic device that does nothing but shoot photos, the Instructables tutorial will come in very handy.

I'm a little concerned with how easily Sugru peels off a smooth surface, though. As soon as someone clears that question up, I'll know how much to worry about kids eating it.

Kick Ass Bouncy Camera Made With Sugru [instructables via ]


Better than the paint my kids used to decorate my HD cam and one of our tv's.

It looks so nice. Love it, what a great idea.

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