August 2, 2011

Oh, Man, I Am So Totally Gonna Lose This Parents Best Daddy Blog Competition

I mean, how can I not, right? It's already been like two days since Parents Magazine told me that Daddy Types is nominated for one of their Parents Best Blog Awards, and I'm only now putting the voting button on the site??

Seriously, that's like two years in social media marketing time.

I'm doomed! These other guys probably already have three giveaways going, and Twitter parties announced on their Facebook walls, and me, I don't even know what hashtag I'm supposed to use.

When I lose this thing in October--HOLY CRAP, VOTING GOES THROUGH OCTOBER 15?? So I'm supposed to be flogging this voting badge for ten weeks?? Won't that chase people away? Isn't that gonna get so annoying that not only won't people click on it, they'll all go vote for Backpacking Dad because at least he's not moaning about it--plus, free Skip*Hop diaper bag, maybe?? Hmmm?

In fact it's already started! Backpacking Dad and Single Dad Laughing are both creaming me right now, 3:1. That's three votes to one vote, not just a ratio. So thanks, honey, for voting for me, and probably for nominating me, too, who knows?

I do feel slightly better about myself now, though, and the seven-and-a-half years in the blogging trenches, fighting in vain against the onslaught of mocha and pink grocery cart covers and tole painted Etsy owl nursery plaques.

No, no, don't vote for me out of pity; sympathy votes are of no use for this old man. And if the fine folks at Parents had wanted to give a Parents Irving Thalberg Daddy Blog Award, I'm sure the Smurfs in 3-D would've gladly sponsored it.

So go ahead, vote for whomever you want. While all the other nominees are locking up cross-linking retweet deals with the alpha-moms at BlogHer, I'll just be sitting here, watching my Klout score sink into the sea. And typing. Cuz that's all daddy does. Daddy types.

UPDATE You know what else is gonna keep me from accumulating votes? cut-n-paste badge code with an error in it. Heads up, Parents!

Best Blog Awards Nominees | Best Daddy Blog []


#4. And I hope I managed to uncheck every "please send me..." box on the registration.

Dude, I would vote for you, but now that my kids are 7 and 10, I have finally managed to drop below the radar of all those marketing firms who our hospital sold our name to after the births. The Parents mag registration made me break out in hives before I got halfway through. Sorry.

You're creaming now. There are literally several votes!

"the competition." You're creaming the competition.

Stupid four-year-old got me up at 4AM this morning. And stayed up.

i would totally vote for you, just because of this post alone, but I'm with jjdaddyo.

super sorry.

I went thru the torture of registering, and after I give them my info, Parents gives me an Error Page and I got no vote! Curses.

October? Good lord. Are they waiting to count write-in votes sent by mail?

I'm so glad there's another "Come vote for me!" Best Dad Blog list. It's been at least two months since the last one.

I hope that my blog is like this one some day. I just got started to express my thoughts as a new father, so I'd love your feedback. Any tips or advice you could give would be welcome.

If I vote for your blog, can I win that sweet plush baby seal?

i tried to vote but i keep getting this internal server error. i'll try again at home. stupid work 'puter. but it looks like you're in the lead!

nevermind, it worked. ha!

It wouldn't let me register!

It's anyone's game, at least until DadaRocks and DadStreet and the rest of the nominate themselves and then clog up Twitter with their pleas for your vote.

Sorry. Was that my outloud voice? Anyway, community, fraternity, popularity contests are the best indicator of quality writing, etc.

Did you say that out loud, or were you reading my mind? I cant tell.

You deserve to win. Your posts are creative, informative, original and the best.

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