July 21, 2011

You Have One Week To Reinvent The Diaper Disposal Process

Do you want to get rich and/or get $2,500 for your fabulous invention? Invention management company Edison Nation is looking for the next big innovation in dirty diapers. If it's vaguely eco, that's great, but what's most important is that Fisher-Price can sell it in Walmart for $30-60. Which automatically disqualifies my great diaper discovery: the plastic grocery bag.

Anyway, maybe you'll have better luck. You have until August 1st. Go!

Fisher-Price is looking for the next-generation dirty diaper disposal system. [edisonnation.com via publicist]


If by "disposal system" they mean yet another system that keeps diapers around in your baby's room long after you would have otherwise actually disposed of it, count me out? We had one of these systems for my son. After my daughter was born we discovered that, as apartment dwellers, the quick trip down the hall to the garbage chute was much more pleasant than expecting a plasticky disposal system to contain the power of a couple weeks worth of dirty diapers.

One nice note though: the contest makes references to "parents" rather than "moms" and even includes a reference to "superMAN." [emphasis, mine]

KISS example: lidded trash can of appropriate size.

Example straight out of marketing:
Can has a sensor inside that monitors the presence of RFID-enabled bags (proprietary to F-P, 5x the cost of a normal bags), then hooks onto your wifi network to remind you via twitter, facebook, myspace or G+ how long it's been since you've changed the bag.

If you dump the poo in the toilet, it makes smelly diapers a whole lot less smelly. But I'm picturing a centrifuge disposal unit that 'Juices' the diaper leaving the much dryer diaper behind. The juice could be filtered and used to water plants. Bam! Simply purchase new filter every 3 months when you buy more proprietary bags.


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