July 7, 2011

Big Cat Sleeping Bags For The Road


Last night we had some station wagon-loving, old-book-loving friends over for dinner, and so of course, I had to pull out the
Ford Treasury of Station Wagon Living. Volume 2.

And I guess I hadn't noticed before, but the "Give Children Their Own Gear" spread features these kind of cool tiger- and leopard-print sleeping bags. Which you could use to camp out on the beach, OR to convert the wagon's rear playpen into a sleeping area, so you can just keep on driving.

These Station Wagon Living books are full of what-to-buy/where-to-go tips designed to spur wagon sales. And so we are told that these particular sleeping bags were actually rugs, made by Stephens Enterprises, Inc. of East 72nd Street of animal printed corduroy on top and "gay striped denim" underneath, and that they were available at F.A.O. Schwarz.

The toy story which itself joined tigers, station wagons, and unrestrained children bouncing around the backseat on a road trip on the extinction watchlist.

Buy your own Ford Treasury of Station Wagon Living at amazon [amazon]
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