June 23, 2011

Hey, Men, It's That Time Of Year Again! Buy Some Pampers!

I believe these are called baby steps. We will choose to call them baby steps, and not annual, token, post-Father's Day marketing sops.

Because the fine publicity folks at Pampers have "reached out" to me to invite me to blog about their YouTube channel or whatever:

Your Daddy Types blog is fantastic at connecting Dads of all kinds - and we were hoping that you would find this campaign something that would be of interest to your readers. It has already generated much feedback and support on YouTube and we want to encourage the continuation of this important conversation.
Emphasis on the whatever.

I was just going to throw up a link for buying Pampers at Amazon, because then DT gets a small kickback for the case of diapers you buy there--which you can have delivered for free, which is always a convenient feature, and which may save you a buck or two, all the while averting any midnight runs to Duane Reade for tiny, overpriced bundles of diapers.

But then I realized that the last time I wrote about a feeble Pampers social media campaign aimed at dads was exactly one year ago today. That's when a post-Father's Day PR event coincided with their Facebook friendvitation to Pampers' boycott organizer Rebel Dad.

It really is like Groundhog Day around here.

Procter & Gamble Totally Crumble In The Face Of Rebel Dad's Pampers Boycott

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