June 12, 2011

Bros Before Pos

I was going to WTFpost about Bronies before heading off for a long weekend, but then I thought, "No, they whole phenomenon only started in January; maybe it'll be completely gone by Monday."

And, no. As of 11:17, it is still here, and is still a thing. Said Lauren Faust, the animation/writing guru behind the first season of the edgier, rebooted My Little Pony

"This might be a little short-sighted on my part, but I just assumed that any adult man who didn't have a little girl wouldn't even give it a try," Faust said in a phone interview. "The fact that they did and that they were open-minded and cool enough and secure in their masculinity enough to embrace it and love it and go online and talk about how much they love it -- I'm kind of proud."
The Watchponies mashup above is from BronyVids' YouTube channel. If that's not enough for you, Equestria Daily looks like it delivers a pretty intense dose of Brony Love. No homo. Well, maybe just a little, but they're cool with it.

My Little Pony Corrals Unlikely Fanboys Known as 'Bronies' [wired.com]
previously: OG My Little Pony fanmodding

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