May 30, 2011

The Minimii Arne Jacobsen Dollhouse Is A Rareified Object.

Well, it didn't arrive in time for Christmas 2009, but it's available for 2011. And assuming you stopped buying anything else in anticipation of its arrival, you might have enough socked away.

Of course, I'm talking about the Arne Jacobsen dollhouse from Minimii, a Danish dollhouse startup which is dedicated to providing high-quality, high-design dollhouse solutions to the EUR1000-and-up market segment.

The first 300 Arne Jacobsen 1:16 Houses will be handmade to order, and personalized, and provided with a whole slew of scaled down Jacobsen furniture. Upon reflection, I have decided that the speed with which they sell out this offer will be a major economic indicator. If it sells out any time before Christmas, the global recession is over, and we are well on our way into the next bubble.

Minimii's done the legal legwork and obtained the cooperation of all the rightsholders involved; so this is no "inspired by," doll-sized knockoffery situation. [How they haven't been sued by Nintendo yet is another question entirely.]

More doll houses patterned after famous dead Danes' designs are apparently in the works, so you'll want to start saving your euros again even before your VAT refund comes through on this one.

Minimii 1928 Arne Jacobsen house dollhouse, EUR939.46, currently with a VIP furnishings and whatnot package. [ via if it's hip, thanks dt reader rolf]

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