May 26, 2011

Fem* One2Stay? Really? Why Not 'Dutch Folding High Chair'?


The Dutch designers of the Fem* [Fem-Star] One2Stay portable, indoor/outdoor, tent-like, aluminum, folding high chair expended so much brain power on the product, they didnt have any left for the name. One2Stay? What does that even mean? How about One2CallTheBrandingPeopleAbout?

Fem* One2Stay folding high chair, $79.99[ via dt reader sara]
Fem-Star | Innovating Ideas []


This looks like a kids sized, higher up version of just about every $20 camp chair out there. So I guess the liability coverage for a children's product comes to about $60/unit. Speaking of which, I hope they're working on their hinge covers right now...I'm counting about 16 different pinch points.

Yeah, I was gonna say this thing needed a couple of cupholders.

I was stationed overseas and purchased one of these. I love it! It is so convenient! I have never had any issues with the hinges pinching my son. The cloth covers everywhere that he can touch, while seated in it. There are also 2 pockets, attached to the side that fit cups/bottles. There is also mesh underneath the seat, so you can put misc items underneath it. I have been doing a lot of traveling back and forth for the last 2 months, and this chair has been a life saver, for my 16 month old.

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