May 20, 2011

DT Friday Freakout: Apocalyptical Distance Edition

A passel of parenting and pediatric press to freakout your Friday, fellows. It's no Danny Stiles, but it'll have to do:

  • So THIS is why the Tylenol PRs have been emailing me all this time. Big Acetaminophen is getting on board with the FDA's suggestion to voluntarily simplify kid-related concentrations, and to base dosage recommendations on weight instead of age. [WSJ]

  • So servicey! The NY Times has a 12,000 word blog post about how to explain The Rapture to kids, which...blah blah bieber, be polite, don't scare &c. &c. You know what, just tell them you'll talk about it on Sunday. [nyt]

  • Holy crap, foam baby products are loaded with carcinogenic flame retardant chemicals! The JPMA says they all follow the law! The anti-cancer people say, no duh, that's the problem we're talking about! [nyt via dt reader dt]

  • Taint a fluke! Another study links anogenital distance to male fertility and sperm quality. And this one has handy diagrams and instructions for trying it at home! [plosone]

  • That insta-dadblogger famewhore guy that Betadad smacked down last fall now has a book out. Which makes him such fiery hot Oprah-bait, the only way she can resist is by canceling her show. Which she did. [via betadad]

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