May 17, 2011

Mrs. Aalto's Crib


Do not adjust your monitors, this is not a rendering. It is an honest-to-goodness crib, designed in the 1940s by Aino Aalto, the Finnish architect and designer, who you may know from such roles as the first Mrs. Alvar Aalto.

Aino and Alvar had two kids in the 1920s, so this was probably not one of those mother's necessity-type inventions. According to the lot description at Quittenbaum, it was made for Artek by the company's regular fabricator, so it was likely a product, or a commission.

Either way, it's yellow, expensive, and decidedly out of favor with the CPSC and EU safety regulations alike. But perhaps two stuffed toy collectors with a passion for early modernist children's design will duke it out at the auction. Stay tuned.

Lotnumber: 096A66 - Kinderbett, Aino Aalto, est EUR600-900 [ via dt reader elizabeth]
It's also listed on if you're really thinking of bidding []

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