March 28, 2011

Mickey Reacharound Maternity T-Shirt


As I mentioned before, when we got off our Disney Cruise at 8:30 in the freaking morning, we had plenty of time to take any flight, anywhere. But instead, we decided to tack on a 3/4 day at Disney World, stay overnight, and then fly home the next day.

And even though there were plenty of morning flights to Orlando on the day the ship embarked, a winter full of screwy weather, and my wife having to come back early from a work trip to Europe, made us a little cautious, so we left home the evening before, and stayed the night in Orlando.

embrace_the_bump.jpgAnd where, you ask, did we stay once we'd entered this end-to-end Disney Experience? All we needed was a bed, we figured, so we stayed at Disney's Pop Century Resort, which is a sprawling mega-motel, one of the cheapest lodging options at Disney World itself, cheaper by a long shot.

And it had its issues, but it was fine. I was quite impressed with the way the landscaping skilfully obscured the parking lots and the sheer size. It was like staying at a well-camouflaged airport. As for the crowd, well, you've seen the two little puffball princesses who rolled up in their stretch limo.

There was also a woman whose giant, pregnant belly still didn't put her in the top half of the Pop Century Waistline Competition, who waddled past me wearing this shirt. Which I thought was a parody product, but it is a real thing. From the same collection as the sweat pants printed with 101 Dalmatians humping your leg.

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That shirt -- I can imagine some men with belly's could pull that off too.

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