March 25, 2011

Do You Know Me? The Flat-Sided Mystery Crib


DT reader David still has a few months left to figure out who makes this crib and where he can buy one. Or at least one like it.

The folks modeling the bedding have no idea who the manufacturer is--actually, they had three ideas, all wrong. From the construction on that end cabinet, it doesn't look like super-high-end, but I couldn't figure it out, either.

The closest I could get was the Babyletto Modo, a convertible crib from Million Dollar Baby's modern collection. [Holy crap, people, MDB bought Nurseryworks last April?? I am really dropping the ball here.]

My alternative was the very flat and very blue Hermelin crib from Ikea, but holy crap again! It looks like it's been discontinued! Oh well, gone to its rest with the other, crazier Hermelins, no doubt.

But anyway, maybe someone out there knows, or can suggest some cribs with wide, flat legs and clean lines, with or without the shelving? David is waiting, er, expectantly.

And we have a winner: As Esther [and just minutes later, Ralph] point out in the comments, this is the Morigeau Lepine 9000, as seen on er, in 2008. Morigeau mori-went out of business in late 2007. The JC Penney knockoff of this crib/bookcase does not currently appear on the company's website. Keep hunting, David!


I think it's this one from Walmart.

I don't think is is the Wal-Mart Modena, but I do agree about Babyletto, the Mercer, though, either in the 3-in-1 set or, and this may be what fooled you, Greg, with Modo drawers. The Modo has inset legs, but there are two Mercer styles (new and old?) one of which has skinny legs and all, the other with the wide-side-out legs of the above image

We got the Babymod Olivia, definitely not this crib but the best modern looking crib we could find for low $$$.

Come on Greg! You know this...

But that one from Walmart looks like a great substitute (since Morigeau is gone).

Great job Esther, you beat me by about 4 minutes.
Morigeau was my guess too.

I was looking for that exact same crib in 2007. It was impossible to find at the time.

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