February 28, 2011

Playhouse-Size Bridgehampton Farm Stand


At his latest show at David Zwirner Gallery, Philip-Lorca di Corcia is showing work he originally shot for W Magazine at the turn of the millennium. I'm glad he's finally showing it, because it's some of his strongest work. [And W's, too, for that matter.]

And either I completely missed the issue, or else in September 1999 the idea of having a kid in the Hamptons was so ridiculously far from my mind, I blocked it out.


But now that I see it, this playhouse-sized model of the Hayground Farmer's Market in Bridgehampton is pretty awesome. Even if you totally know that on playdates, that kid always makes his friends be the townies loading the vegetables into the back of his FAO Schwarz G-Class.

Eleven by Philip-Lorca di Corcia runs through March 5 [davidzwirner.com]

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