January 7, 2011

Maybe Call It The Time Out Bunk Bed


Good googly moogly, this is the sweetest-looking bunk bed I've seen all year.

I wonder if a safety rail might make it feel too confining, though.

"from the Winter 2004 catalog from ATD-American Co.: 'Official Headquarters For All Of Your Correctional Needs'" [publiccollectors via stork bites man, who nailed the Atelier van Lieshout connection]

UPDATE: Found it. Or at least something close. Max-Secure Detention Products makes a line of monolithic molded polymer corrections furniture--the proprietary formula is called Herculite!--including lower and upper beds. And those sweet single piece shelf units. Those ladders are awesome. Holy smokes, look the photo on the front page of their website: they're available in Ikea colors!



HA! Confining!

van Lieshout's home brewed weapons might be more refined than the shiv made from a wall mounted desk flange.

Also, children as prisoners?

Maybe we can get them a sweet stainless steel all-in-one bathroom to match a la Wes Jones.

Seriously, I love those toilets. they're like sculpture.

Easy to search comes in handy when they're teenagers trying to hide stuff they aren't supposed to have.

thanks, I was having a hard time trying to work that feature in.

LOL, I just spent two weeks in jail (don't ask) and I was thinking OMG that looks like jail furniture for kids! ...then I read the article. my bunk and matching desk/shelf was dusty rose coloured *retch*

I find this furniture is not beautiful, it is good if the furniture is simple, but so? It should already be child-friendly and happy, you think so you are in a prison cell!

I have a son with oppositional defiant syndrome,and honestly I'd love furniture like that!

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