December 22, 2010

Seriously, With The Pillow Petz

Holy crap, Pillow Petz.

Advertising the hell out of those things on whatever jr.

Getting inside the brains.

Warping their fragile little minds with purchasing urges.

Then stuffing all the endcaps at the giant drugstore chains, kicking Zhu Zhu Petz to the sale bin in back.

Remind those little rodentz who'z who on the merchandize food chain.

Outflank the [d]adbuster by double-teaming on the doting grandma/aunt.

Bingo, would you like those gift wra-

Fine. Say thank you.

But they're too big to take on the pla--

An hour of crying and two-kid Olympic backpack stuffing.

Well, maybe the drop in air pressure will make them explode.

update: OK, we're exhausted but here. And at the airport and on the plane, we saw easily 2x as many adults [sic] with Pillow Pets as kids. What is wrong with you people??

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You are welcome :)

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