December 21, 2010

Rip + Tatter Cardboard Chair By Pete Oyler


This may be the coolest cardboard kid chair I've seen since the disposable car seat in Papanek & Hennessey's Nomadic Furniture.

Which is, I'm sure, exactly what wanted to advertise next to ["Safer than a cardboard box!"]

Anyway, the Rip + Tatter is a shrimpier version of the hammered out industrial cardboard seating Pete Oyler debuted at his graduation show at RISD last year. The other difference: you can buy one.

Oyler tells me the prototypes have been in their Brooklyn test nurseries for a year, and they remain remarkably unchewed, and unshredded.

Order Rip + Tatter kids chair from Pete Oyler himself, $55 + shipping []


Plus think of the fun your cats will have. Just try not to spill a drink on it.

My first thought was, "My cats would love this!"

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