November 29, 2010

That's No Printing. Star Wars Kids Apron


That's Yoda's embroidered head. Embroidered Boba Fett. This apron is somehow both stupider and cooler than the Darth Vader Spatula.

Personalized Kids' Star Wars Apron, $20-25 [williams-sonoma via kottke]
Look! I'm your father's Star Wars apron! $30 or $40 [williams-sonoma]
They had to do the Revenge Return of the Jedi Death Star cookie cutter, because otherwise, it's just a freakin' circle.


3rd link should say "Return." Revenge isn't a very Jedi-like concept.
Also, Vader's tie-fighter cookie would be a lot more identifiable in a straight on view (vs. the 3/4 view) but then the cookie would probably be even more susceptible to broken-off wings than the real thing.

d'oh, how embarrassing. It HAS been 20+ years, though. And the kid hasn't even managed to watch Ep. IV as far as the Death Star yet, so it'll be a while.

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